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Ig: Handsome__al

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me: *sleepy all day*


lol i wonder if teachers just sit there and laugh while marking my school tests


woodsy pup by meeganz


animals with different colored feet than the rest of their fur so it looks like they’re wearin lil socks are the reason the sun shines

Dylon 😔



My talents include liking people way out of my league 

Lmfao….yea I’m a pro at this


it is september 20th, the technical start of the autumn season. you sigh to yourself, letting the baseball cap in your hands fall to the ground. it’s no longer summer. your hat is off your head, and not worn backwards. it is no longer time to fucking party.

gay. reblog if u agree
Hey, just wanted you to know how much I love your page! You've got a great spirit heheh


Hey, thanks !!! I don’t understand why you won’t come off anon tho 😕

Yeah it was me! Your eyes are so cuteee and so are you!!! I can't believe your are single (but that's makes me kind of happy, sorry) ummm bye :)


Thanks☺️ no “umm bye” come off anon, please? I really want to know who you are

5, 9, 20 :) 25, 27, 33, 43, 46??? 53, 54? Sorry I just want to know more about you...


5. What does your URL mean? 
It doesn’t have an specific meaning just a Tegan and Sara song

9. Kissed in the rain?

20. Has anyone ever told you you have pretty eyes?
Yeah, recently too. Who knows it might have been you 😍

25. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

27. First thing you notice to a guy/girl?
Her laugh and her Smile

33. Do you think musical are cheesy?
Yeah, but I watch them anyways 

43. Do you want to get married?
When the time is right

46. How can I win your heart?
If you can make me laugh you’re off to a good start😚

53. Piercings Or no Piercings?
Currently none, but not for long

54. Tattoos Or no Tattoos? 
None for now

You know you could just come off anon and get to know me that way😘

But seriously though..

who was my anon?